Purity. Diligence. Sensuality. In Sandra Mair Cosmetic’s exclusive manufacture, these qualities form the basis of the unique skin care line with especially skin-friendly compositions. Excellent natural ingredients and the know-how of traditional medicine create these special products – most of them handmade. Here, Swiss perfection and tradition join the latest findings in skin research to merge into natural cosmetics that are 100 percent different.

Urban influences and hectic rhythms have impacts on our life and leave visible traces over the years. This is where the effective care formulas come in. They help protect, activate and regenerate the cell functions – and tap the skin’s full potential day by day. The philosophy of Sandra Mair Cosmetic puts it in a nutshell: “Natural Anti-Aging” out of conviction, developed to achieve a long-term effect on the skin.


In the manufacture, equipped in accordance to the newest technical standards, the handmade production complies with the criteria of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Valuable substances are manually added at low temperatures, increasing the ingredients’ efficiency and intensity. This gentle process shows Swiss precision at its best and gives this unique quality to the products by Sandra Mair Cosmetic Manufacture.
Small batches and permanently controlled basic materials guarantee fresh products. The ingredients are selected and processed in a way to assure highest purity and excellent skin tolerance. The plant materials – more than 90 percent are made by organic cultivation and fair-trade projects – are obtained gently by cold pressing and environmentally neutral CO2 extraction. With these methods, the valuable components are preserved and can fully unfold their effect in the formulations.


The quality of the lipid base is an important part of Sandra Mair Cosmetic’s effective anti-aging care. Therefore, COLD-PRESSED OILS extracted out of nuts and seeds are the formulas’ essence. They take over functions of the skin’s own lipids and stabilize the barrier layer against moisture loss. Essential oils deepen the products’ effects and give a fine, authentic scent to the creams and lotions.
Another active source of energy are JEWELS that are used in the formulations. The fine minerals, extracted from gemstones like ruby, sapphire, aventurine, onyx and lapis lazuli, help to stimulate the cell metabolism, strengthen the connective tissue and improve the skin’s complexion.

Sandra Mair Cosmetic. Pure luxury!