How are the Cleansing Elixirs 2in1 used? Apply in the morning and evening, soaking a cotton pad with Cleansing Elixir and stroking it gently over face and neck in circling movements. Subsequently soaking a cotton pad with lukewarm water and wipe off the Elixir in circling movements.  In this way, the skin is optimally prepared for following treatments.

Are the Cleansing Elixir 2in1 sufficient for cleaning? Yes, the Elixir gently and easily removes makeup and all residues of sebum, cream and environmental particles. The composition of the ingredients tones the skin, so that you do not need additional toning products. The Cleansing Elixir 2 in 1 prepares the skin perfectly for following treatments and creates the base for a fresh and radiant complexion.

How rich are Sandra Mair products? Sandra Mair products are very rich. Very small amounts are enough to nourish, support and regenerate the skin with the precious jewels of nature. The way of use can be read up below the respective products.

Can Sandra Mair products be combined? Yes, Sandra Mair products can be combined very well with each other. The skin’s needs vary depending on season, climate, diet, age etc. With Sandra Mair products, the skin care can be adapted to the skin’s different needs. 
Here you can find the skin care plan with recommendations for the use of Sandra Mair products as PDF download.

For which skin types are the respective products? Sandra Mair products are composed for the regeneration of all skin types. Depending on the season, stress and environmental influences our skin is more stressed and needed more intensive care.   The skin care formulations help protect, activate and regenerate the cell functions and tap the skin’s full potential day by day.
Another active source of energy are JEWELS that are used in the formulations. The fine minerals, extracted from gemstones like ruby, sapphire, aventurine, onyx and lapis lazuli, help to stimulate the cell metabolism, strengthen the connective tissue and improve the skin’s complexion.
It noticeably prevents premature skin aging, with natural anti-aging!

Which fragrances are used in Sandra Mair products? Every Sandra Mair product contains only pure essential oils, 99% produced by organic cultivation. No additional fragrances are used! This is one of the elements that make Sandra Mair products so special. The essential oils increase the products’ effectiveness, give a fine, authentic scent to the creams and lotions – and perfectly go in line with the product philosophy of Sandra Mair Cosmetic Manufacture.

Why is alcohol used as an ingredient?
Because it enables us to restrain from chemical-synthetic conservation!
In all Sandra Mair products, pure undenatured ethyl alcohol (= INCI: Alcohol) in organic quality is used. While denatured alcohol (=INCl: Alcohol denat.) has many undesirable by-products, the applied pure ethyl alcohol is more price intensive, but essential for the products’ purity and effectivity.
In contrary to common belief, alcohol does not dry out the skin in the used quantity, but helps the skin absorb the active ingredients better.Pure alcohol is a comestible that is decomposed without any difficulty and does not have any sensitization potential.
How does the customer know about the quality of the alcohol used in the products?
In all Sandra Mair products, pure undenatured ethyl alcohol (= INCI: Alcohol) in organic quality is used. While denatured alcohol (=INCl: Alcohol denat.) has many undesirable by-products, the applied pure ethyl alcohol is more price intensive, but essential for the products’ purity and effectivity.

Are Sandra Mair products’ packages recyclable? All material used for primary and outer packaging is 100% recyclable.

What is the difference between pH neutral and pH skin neutral? The pH value serves to distinguish between acids and bases and to indicate their strength.The scale ranges from pH 0 to pH 14, in which the middle of pH 7 indicates pH neutrality. A pH value can also be assigned to our skin. The acid protective layer of the skin has an average pH value of 5.5. It has important functions like the defense against harmful microorganisms and negative environmental impacts and protects the skin against infections, allergies, irritations and dehydration.
The use of pH neutral skin care products can destroy the natural pH balance of our skin. Therefore it is important to use pH skin neutral care products to keep the hydro lipid layer intact.

Why is lactic acid an ingredient of vegan products? Lactic acid is an organic acid that is part of milk, but also plants. It is not necessarily of animal origin. Lactic acid is also a part of the skin’s hydro lipid layer that serves as important protection. Lactic acid for cosmetic production mostly comes from vegetable carbohydrates like corn or other starch- and sugar-rich plants. About 70 to 90 percent of the world’s lactic acid production is made herbally – and is therefore vegan!
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What is the quality of the used beeswax?
Sandra Mair products contain only yellow beeswax from controlled organic cultivation. White bee wax is lower in cost, but does not have the same quality as yellow bee wax due to bleaching.
The yellow (Cera Flava) and white (Cera Alba) beeswax can’t be differentiated through the INCI denomination because both waxes have the same INCI name.In this matter you can trust the transparent description of ingredients by Sandra Mair Cosmetic Manufacture.

Why is Aqua no ingredient in many Sandra Mair products?
For the face skin care (leave-on treatments), only hydrolates are used instead of aqua. Hydrolates are highly effective herbal distillates. Already in ancient medicine, hydrolates were used due to their positive effects. The use of herbal distillates supports the extraordinary quality and effectiveness of all Sandra Mair face care products.

Are Sandra Mair products tested?
In general, Sandra Mair products are tested by voluntary users, because it is the only way for Sandra Mair Cosmetic Manufacture to receive user-relevant information on tolerability and resorption of the skin as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore, all products have been tested by in-home use. This term relates to the method in which users try out products at home for several weeks and evaluate them through clinical questionnaires.

Why do Sandra Mair products contain jewel minerals? Since ancient times, medicine has been going along with cosmetics. The Romans still considered cosmetics as an integral part of medicine. It was not until the late Middle Ages that many fields of knowledge became independent through the fast increase in scientific knowledge, and therefore medicine and cosmetics as well. Already in the antiquity, jewel minerals have been used because of their remarkable effects. The even complexion, their support of the cell metabolism and the smoothing effect on the skin has been valued since then.

What exactly is lanolin? Lanolin is the wax-like grease of sheep wool that is also called wool wax (Adeps lanae, Lanolin).
Only natural lanolin is used in Sandra Mair products. It does not contain paraffin.

Why are Sandra Mair skin care products offered in airless-dispensers and not in cream jars? By using airless-dispenser, product contamination by germs on the hands can be avoided. Therefore it is not necessary to use additional preservatives. This guarantees the high purity of Sandra Mair products.