Purity. Care. Sensuality. In Sandra Mair Cosmetics’ small and exclusive manufactory, these qualities form the basis for compelling cosmetics packed with active ingredients.


Robust findings from skin research and experience from traditional medicine merge here with selected active ingredients and Swiss perfection to create a composition that perfectly meets today’s dermatological demands.


Urban influences and hectic rhythms shape our lives – and leave visible traces over the years. This is where our highly effective skincare formulas come into their own. They protect, activate and regenerate cell functions – and maximise the potential of the skin day after day. 



The manufactory is fully equipped to the latest technological standards and production is carried out under the strict criteria of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In order to maintain the utmost care during production of the cosmetics and to ensure the product quality can be visually assessed, important manufacturing steps are carried out by hand.


Small batches guarantee fresh skincare products for our customers at all times, while the selection and processing of ingredients provide for the highest level of purity and outstanding tolerability. When selecting ingredients, we place paramount importance on sustainability and mindfulness towards people and nature, which we practice by supporting fair trade projects and applying evidence-based findings in skin research.


We ensure that our active ingredients are gently processed, adding them into the formulation at temperatures below 40 °C. This means that the valuable components are preserved and can fully unfold their beneficial effects on and in the skin.




The efficacy of the active substances used has been put to the test in scientific studies. The outstanding effectiveness of Sandra Mair Cosmetics is achieved through the right selection of ingredients and the uniquely gentle processing.


For Sandra Mair, the quality of the lipid base is the key to effective anti-ageing skincare. This is why the skincare formulas focus on cold-pressed oils and extracts from nuts and seeds. These substances are able to take over the functions of the skin’s own lipids and thus stabilise the physiological barrier against moisture loss through the skin.


We use hydrolates rather than aqua, enhancing the effects of leave-on products. Essential oils give the creams and lotions a fine, authentic scent. More than 95% of the selected raw materials come from ecologically sustainable cultivation.


GEMSTONE MINERALS enrich all of our formulations as another active source of energy. Traditional knowledge combined with the results of current medical studies have proven the ability of these fine minerals from precious ruby, sapphire, aventurine, onyx and lapis lazuli to regenerate the cell metabolism of the skin, strengthen the connective tissue and increase natural radiance.


Sandra Mair Cosmetics – a synthesis of science and tradition!